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Veterinarian Hanna Stephan

Veterinarian Hanna Stephan

Hanna Katrin Stephan
Veterinarian, nutritional expert

My name is Hanna Katrin Stephan and I am a vet at Terra Canis where I manage product development and medical nutritional advice. Shortly after my final exams at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hanover, Germany I started specialising in canine and feline nutrition. I was inspired by my own small hunting dog breeding kennels and my worldwide practical experience to go looking for suitable food for my dogs, but I always had to make compromises which left a bad taste for both me and my dogs.

Even today I am still appalled at what is really put into some manufactured food for our dogs. Finding species-appropriate and healthy nutrition for dogs and cats is particularly important to me.

At Terra Canis I can put my own ideas and experience into practice in great, healthy recipes. My dog Schokoschnute is a real French lady who loves helping me in my work and is happy to try out every new meal for me. When I’m not looking for new recipes with my dog or writing articles for all Terra Canis dog lovers, I enjoy travelling or I can be found near or on the water.

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