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Herbal Heroes: Shining Star, For a healthy coat and bright eyes

Art. Nr. 97022
: €9.89/100g
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  • Description

    Shining Star: For a healthy coat and bright eyes

    Shedding coats, dandruff, itching: dogs can have many different kinds of coat and skin problems. The skin is a dog’s largest organ and fulfills a whole range of functions, some of which are vital. It is a barrier for the immune system, protects from extreme temperatures and regulates moisture. In order to help our four-legged friends and their skin, the Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘Shining Star’ combines medicinal herbs and Bach flowers for a beautiful, shiny coat and healthy skin.

    Medicinal plants, such as red clover, eyebright and viola together with Bach flowers, including Impatiens or Chicory for example, are only some of the valuable supplements which ensure beautiful bright eyes, a glossy appearance and strong claws. It is also suitable for dogs who have sensitive eyes that tend to go red and weep.

    Content: 100g


    Pansy herb, marigold, eyebright, carrot, red clover blossoms, chamomile, Bach flower essence (impatiens, chicory, Star of Bethlehem, rock rose, cherry, sweet chestnut, water violet)

    Analytic Constituents

    Proteine: 11.3%, fat content: 2.2%, crude fibre: 24.1%, crude ash: 7.5%

    Feeding Recommendation

    Weight of dog - Feeding recommended/day:

    < 20kg   1 spoon per day
    < 30kg   2 spoons per day
    > 40kg   3 spoons per day

    Mix the quantity recommended per day into the food and allow it to rest for approximately 10 minutes.
    Please always respect the daily feeding recommendation.
  • from Betty 11/12/2018

    Direi tutto okkkkkkk


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