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Herbal Heroes: All Cleaned Up, For kidney and urinary tract

Art. Nr. 97024
: €9.89/100g
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  • Description

    All Cleaned Up: When your dog’s kidneys are at risk

    The kidneys – two small organs with a huge job: When healthy, they act as a central filter which controls blood pressure and the excretion of urinary substances. The aim of a kidney diet is to minimize the blood’s protein degradation products. For this reason, food may not contain too much protein and the addition of sodium, phosphor and other minerals in the food needs to be minimized in order to reduce blood pressure and protect the kidneys. The Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘All Cleaned Up’ contains Bach flowers such as Star of Bethlehem, Crab Apple or Wild Oat which are well-known for their positive effect on the kidneys. Healthy herbs such as nettle, birch, goldenrod and restharrow are used in natural medicine to promote the flow of urine and also lessen the occurrence of degradation products which can reduce the symptoms of a kidney illness.

    Content: 100g


    Birch leaves, restharrow root, stinging nettle leaves, dandelion herb, parsley, goldenrod herb, horsetail, orthosiphon, mallow blossoms, pussy toes, Roman chamomile, Bach flower essence (mustard, beech, chicory, Star of Bethlehem, crab apple, wild oat)

    Analytic Constituents

    Proteine: 13.2%, fat content: 2.2%, crude fibre: 20.6%, crude ash: 8.7%

    Feeding Recommendation

    Weight of dog - Feeding recommended/day:

    < 20kg   1 spoon per day
    < 30kg   2 spoons per day
    > 40kg   3 spoons per day

    Mix the quantity recommended per day into the food and allow it to rest for approximately 10 minutes.
    Please always respect the daily feeding recommendation.
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