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Herbal Heroes: Confidence Boost: Courage for Scaredy Cats

Art. Nr. 97021
: €9.89/100g
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  • Description

    Confidence boost: Courage for Scaredy Cats

    Burnout syndrome is a typical widespread disease which more and more people are suffering from. Figuratively speaking, our four-legged friends are no exception here. Fear and emotional anxiety can make not just us, but also our dogs very ill. A classic example of stress is shown by dogs from animal welfare societies who have often experienced very bad conditions. The hormones adrenalin and cortisone are released during stress. They put the body into a state of alert. Blood pressure, pulse and breathing rates increase while less blood is supplied to the skin, stomach and bowels. This state isn’t a problem for a short period of time, but can cause physical ailments if it consists or occurs more often. The Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘Confidence Boost’ helps scaredy cats and sensitive dogs to relax. Classic natural confidence boosters such as lavender, St. John’s wart, hops and passion flower as well as Bach flowers such as Olive, Gorse or Rock Rose create a feeling of relaxation and calm through feeding and are a gentle way of reaching out.

    Content: 100g


    Balm leaves, oat straw, St. John's wort, lavender blossoms, jasmine blossoms, hop blossoms, red rose blooms, blue mallow blossoms, Bach flower essence (clematis, wild rose, olive, gorse, rock rose)

    Analytic Constituents

    Proteine: 12.7%, fat content: 1.5%, crude fibre: 23.0%, crude ash: 5.8%

    Feeding Recommendation

    Weight of dog - Feeding recommended/day:

    < 20kg   1 spoon per day
    < 30kg   2 sppoons per day
    > 40kg   3 spoons per day

    Mix the quantity recommended per day into the food and allow it to rest for approximately 10 minutes.
    Please always respect the daily feeding recommendation.
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