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Herbal Heroes: On top of the world: For matters of the heart

Art. Nr. 97026
: €9.89/100g
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  • Description

    On top of the world: For Matters of the Heart

    Just like us, our dogs are getting older and older, thanks to the advances of medicine, improved feeding and excellent care. But this means that classic age-related illnesses, such as heart disease, are no longer an uncommon sight in our veterinary practices. The heart, the body’s central pump, transports blood through blood vessels using a complex chamber and valve system. In addition to medicinal therapy and a healthy diet with a minimum of salt, dogs can also be greatly supported in ‘matters of the heart’ using natural supplements. Particularly well-known for its heart-strengthening effect is the hawthorn, the central ingredient of the Terra Canis herbal remedy ‘On Top of The World’. Together with other herbs such as gingko, hawhorn and mullein as well as Bach flowers such as Hornbeam, Vine or Rock Rose, On Top of The World is an excellent supplement for heart conditions, during periods of stress or as a long-term diet for an inborn weakened heart.

    Content: 100g


    Hawthorn leaves with blossoms, ginkgo leaves, balm leaves, mullein, pink rose blooms, red rose blooms, parsley, savory, Bach flower essence (chicory, larch, hornbeam, vine, rock rose, Star of Bethlehem, beech)

    Analytic Constituents

    Proteine: 13.8%, fat content: 2.8%, crude fibre: 13.9%, crude ash: 7.1%

    Feeding Recommendation

    Weight of dog - Feeding recommended/day:

    < 20kg   1 spoon per day
    < 30kg   2 spoons per day
    > 40kg   3 spoons per day

    Mix the quantity recommended per day into the food and allow it to rest for approximately 10 minutes.
    Please always respect the daily feeding recommendation.
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