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  • Description

    During the clammy season, many dogs having joint diseases suffer from their afflictions extremely. They have difficulties in getting up after sleeping, long walks are often no fun anymore, swollen and hot joints reduce their well-being.
    Degenerative joint diseases such as arthrosis are a common occurrence especially among elder dogs. Apart from conventional medicine, targeted food supplements can provide relief. In order not to produce encumbering fat pads, low-fat and grain-free food is recommended.
    To optimally support your dog during this season, we have compiled a pack for you. This pack consists of our paste for joints (bolsters the joint metabolism) and the herbal hero Prima Ballerina (supporting healthy joints). Both products can be added to the food on a daily basis or can be used in the context of a cure. As a reward for your four-legged companion, grain-free Canipé crispy balls have been added. 


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    Analytic Constituents

    For the exact analytical constituents, please refer to the individual product varieties.
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