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PUPPY – Chicken with pumpkin, camomile and pollen

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  • Description

    The foundation for a healthy life is laid in the first few months. During this period, the organism easily develops growth disorders and intolerances. It is therefore important to provide near-natural species-appropriate nutrition right from the start. Our PUPPY menus comprise lots of fresh muscle meat, healthy vegetables, fruit and herbs as well as numerous natural added nutrients (mineral clay, seaweed, brewer's yeast, pollen, rose hip, eggshell powder). An increased amount of eggshell supplies sufficient calcium in the growth phase. The silica it contains is known for its supportive effect on growing joints and tendons and helps the body store natural calcium in the bones. The proportion of gluten-free pseudo-grains is low at max. 5%, meaning that the short intestinal tract is not overburdened. The PUPPY menus are suitable for puppies and young dogs up to one year old.

    With the concept ‘Dog nutrition in 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients’, Terra Canis set completely new quality standards in the pet food industry 15 years ago. Thanks to a special permit from the Bavarian Feedstuffs Authority, pet food was able to be produced for the first time in a genuine human-grade quality company, the traditional Munich butcher’s shop Schäbitz. This was made possible by the fact that, right from the very start, only ingredients were used which, thanks to their freshness and quality, were officially permitted for human food products at the time of processing. This uncompromising quality and the associated delicious, appetising smell of the menus have set Terra Canis menus apart from many other products on the market from the very beginning.

    Due to the constantly increasing demand, the butcher's shop in the heart of Munich has reached its capacity limits.

    As quality is of the highest priority for Terra Canis, the menus will now be produced in our new factory just outside Munich. Manufacturing the products within “our own four walls” enables maximum control over the quality of ingredients. In addition, the three master butchers from Schäbitz butcher’s in Munich and their entire team have been brought over, bringing with them decades of experience and expertise in the butcher's trade.

    All the ingredients used for our menus, the production site and the hygiene concept are still subject to 100% human-grade standards. 

    Feeding pregnant and lactating dogs

    A dog’s pregnancy lasts about 65 days. During the first half of this period, special attention must be paid to high-quality feeding. Our products in the Classic and Grain-Free lines are suitable for this purpose.  
    From the second half of pregnancy, the dog's need for energy increases. For this reason, we recommend feeding puppy food from this time until the puppies are weaned (Feed recommendation: quantity fed for our Classic line plus 1/3 to 1/2). 

    Complete food for dogs.


    Chicken heart (34%), chicken stomach (14 %), pumpkin (14%), chicken muscle meat (6 %), tomato, apple, millet, chicken liver (4 %), pumpkin seed flour (1%), linseed oil, eggshell powder, brewer’s yeast, seaweed, chives, camomile (0.2%), rose hip powder, mineral clay, pollen (0.04%)

    Meat : millet : vegetables/fruit/herbs : other raw ingredients = 58% : 7% : 32% : 3%

    Analytic Constituents

    Protein: 8.7 %, fat content: 4.4 %, crude fibre: 0.3 %, crude ash: 2.0 %, moisture: 78.3 %
    MJ/kg: 3.8*
    * as per estimating equation exhibit 4/2 German feed regulation – last update 08/2018

    Nutritional additives/kg:
    Vit. A (3a672a): 3000 IE, vit. D3 (3a671): 600 IE, copper (3b405): 5 mg, iodine (3b201): 0.8 mg, zinc (3b603): 80 mg, vit. E (3a700): 120 IE, selenium (3b801): 0.1 mg, diatomaceous earth (E 551c): 1.1 g

    Feeding Recommendation

    Feeding recommendation/day: 
    (Puppy/growing young dog) 

    < 5 months         100 g/kg body mass 
    5 - 9 months        80 g/kg body mass 
    9 - 12 months      60 g/kg body mass 

    Feeding recommendation for a pregnant or lactating dog/day: 

    5 kg          200 - 400g 
    10kg         400 - 800g 
    20kg         800 - 1200g 
    30kg         1200 - 1800g 

    Approximate values to be adjusted to your dog's individual circumstances (exercise area, activity level, breed, metabolism, time of year). 
    We recommend regular weight checks and a growth curve from the vet.
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