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Light – Chicken with courgette, papaya and rose hip, grain-free

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  • Description

    Our light meals contain about 3% fat and are low in calories - they are thus ideal for overweight dogs, for which a low-calorie and low-fat diet is recommended. We only use lean meat and low-starch fruit and vegetables for these meals. Papaya and pineapple contain important enzymes that support the metabolism. Artichoke leaves are known for their positive effect on blood lipid levels. Fibre from psyllium husks provide a greater feeling of satiation. Nevertheless, your dog may experience increased hunger when being fed with the Light meals because they contain fewer calories and less fat. We recommend making sure your dog gets enough exercise as a supporting measure. 

    Our wet food meals are made in a food-processing facility, a Munich traditional butchery. Only ingredients of human-grade quality are used. Apart from the fresh skeletal muscle meat, our meals also contain heart – hearts are muscular hollow organs and are also counted among muscle meat – as well as a low quantity of nutrient-rich liver. Furthermore, there are over 20 different types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs in our meals. 

    Complete food for dogs.


    Chicken heart (31%), chicken stomach (11%), chicken liver (8%), courgette (23%), pumpkin, papaya (8%), parsnip, coconut flour, pumpkin seed flour, psyllium, grape seed oil, rapeseed oil, seaweed (0.4%), rose hip (0.3%), artichoke leaf (0.3%), brewer's yeast, eggshell powder (0.3%), basil, dandelion, mineral clay

    Meat : fruit/vegetables/herbs : other ingredients = 50% : 47% : 3%

    Analytic Constituents

    Protein: 7.0%, fat content: 2.7%, crude fibre: 1.5%, crude ash: 1.3%, moisture: 86.7%
    MJ/kg: 2.4

    Feeding Recommendation

    Dog's weight - Feeding recommendation/day:
    (Adult, overweight dog)

    5kg           150 - 200g
    10kg          300 - 400g
    20kg          600 - 800g
    30kg          900 - 1200g

    Approximate values to be adjusted to your dog's individual circumstances (exercise area, activity level, breed, metabolism, time of year).
    Please clarify possible health causes before putting your dog on a diet.
    The weight loss should be 1.0% to 1.5% of body weight per week.
    We recommend regular weight and health checks.
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