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  • Description

    Gastrointestinal Pack 

    Our gastrointestinal pack contains the following products:

    - 4x First Aid veal
    - 1x gastrointestinal paste 
    - 1x herbal heroes Feeling Comfy 
    - 1x Wufflées Veal 

    Diarrhoea and an upset stomach can affect your dog all year long. 
    Therefore, it does no harm to be well prepared thanks to our gastrointestinal package which contains everything your dog needs to be optimally supported in this time.  
    Apart from our First Aid meal, which is easily digestible and facilitates the regeneration by means of increased nutritional supplements, it also contains our herbal heroes “Feeling Comfy” for a recovery of the gastrointestinal mucosa, as well as our gastrointestinal paste, which supports the gastrointestinal tract. Easily digestible treats, which please every recovered quadruped, have also been added.  
    It is especially important to absorb a sufficient amount of liquid, also in the form of tea from our herbal hero Feeling Comfy. After 12-24 hours of feed withdrawal and a relief of the afflictions, your dog may be fed the Terra Canis First Aid meal. It is best to divide the meal into 4-6 small portions throughout the day. After 3-7 days, a slow change to normal food takes place. In support of this, our gastrointestinal paste can be mixed with our meal.


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