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First Aid – Gastrointestinal Menu, Veal / 12x400g

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  • Description

    First Aid for dogs’ stomachs – now also available in the variety “Veal” 

    Symptoms every dog owner has experienced: their dog is quiet, listless and wants to go out every half-hour. Even the healthiest dog will suffer gastrointestinal problems at least two or three times a year. There are many causes for it. Until now, the only solution was for owners to feed a light diet. Low-fat meat with carrots and cottage cheese. But not any longer. Following on from its revolutionary “First Aid –Gastrointestinal Menu”, Terra Canis is launching another variety of this practical light diet on the market: Lean Veal with Carrot, Fennel & Camomile.
    The additives consist of soothing ingredients such as lemon balm, calendula, medicinal clay and black cumin oil. This wheat-free light food is based on easy-to-digest ingredients. It is kind to the digestive tract and boosts regeneration.

    – All ingredients are 100% human grade quality 
    – Mild, low-fat light diet for the gastrointestinal tract 
    – Easy-to-digest vegetables and gluten-free coconut flour to regulate intestinal peristalsis 
    – Medicinal clay and potatoes added to absorb excess gastric acids 
    – Cottage cheese helps to keep the gastrointestinal flora intact 
    – Increased nutritional additives to balance out losses in electrolytes and nutrients

    Our wet foods are made by a pure food processing company, a traditional butchery in Upper Bavaria. We only use raw ingredients of human grade quality. In addition to the fresh muscle meat and “good offal” such as heart and lung, our meals also contain more than 20 different types of vegetable, fruit and herb.


    Veal muscle meat (50%), veal lung (10%), carrot (14%), potatoe (9%), fennel (8%), cerlery , cottage cheese (3%), chamomile (0,5%), lemon balm (0,3%), calendula (0,3%), aloe vera, black cumin oil (0.2%), Andean salt, coconut flour, seaweed, eggshell powder (0.3%)

    Our ingredients:

    - Lean veal is low in fat and very easy to digest, which makes it the ideal source of animal protein in the event of gastrointestinal problems

    - Boiled carrots contain oligosaccharides. They are similar in structure to the receptors of the intestinal wall, which means that pathogens dock on to them and can simply be eliminated from the body with them

    - Boiled potatoes are an alkaline food, and help to balance out the increased acid that occurs with diarrhoea. They are also very easy to digest, and provide the weakened animal with energy.

    - Fennel is anti-spasmodic, calms the intestinal tract and helps with bloating.

    - Celery contains large quantities of antioxidants and polysaccharides, which protect the digestive tract. It also has a tremendously high alkali potential, which helps to neutralise the excess acid in the intestines.

    - Cottage cheese is low in fat, rich in protein and very easy to digest, which makes it the perfect ingredient. It helps to bring the intestinal flora back into balance.

    - Camomile, lemon balm & calendula are well-known for their calming, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties

    - Aloe vera is nature's own all-rounder that soothes irritated mucous membranes, and is also known to provide relief from gastrointestinal problems

    - As is black cumin oil, which is a traditional remedy used in the treatment of digestive problems

    - Coconut flour is a superfood that is very easy to digest, low-fat and high-fibre. It provides energy without adding any further strain.

    - Medicinal clay contains plenty of minerals & trace elements, effectively binds excess acids and absorbs harmful substances like a sponge

    As is always the case with Terra Canis, all ingredients are of proven human grade quality at the time of processing. With stomach and intestine problems, fresh and high-quality ingredients are incredibly important. The body should not have to cope with grains that are hard to digest, low-quality meat and animal meals or chemicals and synthetic substances. All ingredients are tailored to the needs of dogs with stomach and intestinal tract problems and have been deliberately chosen by Terra Canis vet Hanna Stephan.
    This light diet for a dog's stomach is, like all Terra Canis menus, produced by the multi award-winning Munich family butcher's Schäbitz.

    Analytic Constituents

    Proteine: 8.9 %, fat content: 5.8 %, crude fibre: 0.5 %, crude ash: 1.8 %, moisture: 79,3 %
    MJ/Kg: 3.9

    Feeding Recommendation

    Dog’s weight - Feeding recommendation/day:

    5 kg         150 - 200g
    10kg         300 - 400g
    20kg         600 - 800g
    30kg         900 -1200g

    Start with 50 % of the daily recommended feeding, divided into 3 meals a day. Guidiance only.
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