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Veterinary surgeon Dr. Bucksch

Allow us to introduce Dr. Martin Bucksch, veterinarian for small animals and animal dermatologist, who has been assisting and advising us since 2011.

Dr. Bucksch completed his studies in veterinary medicine in Italy in 1992 with a distinction; this was followed by training as a veterinary specialist in Germany and the Netherlands, as a veterinary dermatologist (additional qualification in Dermatology) in Hamburg, Luxembourg, Vienna, and the USA, as well as various training courses in nutrition for small animals.

Dr. Bucksch has been a senior partner in a group practice in Hamburg since 2002 and has been working as a successful non-fiction author and science photographer for various book and magazine publishers for the last few years. In recent years, he founded a project dedicated to veterinary care for dogs belonging to homeless people in Hamburg in collaboration with the Franziskus Animal Shelter in Hamburg and the German Red Cross.

Dr. Bucksch is an enthusiastic owner of two dogs, for which he mainly prepares fresh food himself. Since 2009, the veterinarian has additionally specialised in the field of animal nutrition and advises pet owners who are interested in a healthy and species-appropriate nutrition for their dogs and cats at his practice. The vet got in touch with Terra Canis about joint publications in the field of dog nutrition and first visited the production site in 2011, gaining an impression of the manufacturer's wet food production process. This visit resulted in a lively exchange of views and the mutual desire to develop special foods that support canine nutrition, in particular for dogs with various problems (e.g. obesity, allergies etc.). Shared views on feeding dogs are the reason that Dr. Bucksch also likes to feed his dogs healthy Terra Canis meals at times and recommends the brand.




Books by Dr. Bucksch:

  • First aid kit for dogs: on the go (KOSMOS)
  • Nutrition guide for dogs: fit and healthy - feeding dogs properly (KOSMOS)
  • Skin diseases in dogs: identification - treatment - prevention (Ulmer)
  • When food makes dogs sick: food allergies and intolerances in dogs (CADMOS)
  • Practical guide to dog diseases (KOSMOS)

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