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Company history

Even as a little girl, Birgitta Ornau loved dogs and cats and horses. Wherever there were animals, she'd be there to stroke, cuddle, and make friends with them. That's why cats and dogs were also on her wish list for Christmas or birthday gifts for years.

However, it took a while before she was able to make her dream come true; when she got her first flat, Sueno (= dream) also came into her life from a Spanish animal shelter.

From then on, she devoted herself not only to her pet, but also to the task of how to keep and feed dogs and cats in a way appropriate for their species. During the following years, while studying business, she worked her way meticulously through the entire range of pet food on the market.

She came to a sobering realisation: despite the huge selection, there was not a single product that met her requirements and ideas of dog or cat food suitable for the species. It neither smelled nor looked good. But shouldn't pet food smell and good if it contained fresh, tasty meat, vegetables, and rice? Why did the product information leave you in the dark about the real ingredients? What was hidden behind the cryptic term "animal by-products"?

After extensive research and study of the German Feedstuff Regulation, it became clear to her why industrially produced food smelled and looked different to home-cooked food. And it appalled her what we unknowingly feed our loyal companions every day, in the belief we are giving them high-quality food.

That was what triggered her decision to bring her own food onto the market, which would provide dogs and cats with a diet suitable for their species feeds – and using exclusively food-grade ingredients. Thus Terra Canis and Terra Faelis were born, and Birgitta Ornau set completely new standards in the pet food segment.

The individual meals are put together in collaboration with nutritionists and based on animals' natural diets. Terra Canis and Terra Faelis successfully mimic the animals' evolutionary prey on a purely natural basis – without the aid of chemistry and synthetic substances.

Only fresh and healthy ingredients are used: fresh muscle meat, heart meat, a little liver, vegetables, fruits, herbs, 0 - 10% wholegrains, and only natural additives to provide supplementary nutrients (seaweed, organic eggshell, mineral earth, rosehip, pollen, silica, whey, Andean salt, rapeseed oil, etc.). With the highest quality standards: fresh, nutritious, and wholesome. Just as nature intended.

Anything that no human being, let alone a beloved pet, needs, has to be left out. What the feed industry shockingly actually uses normally: low-quality offal, meat-and-bone meal, cheap grain waste, binding agents, artificial flavours, preservatives, and sugar.

Birgitta Ornau has paved a new way for product information: absolute transparency. Each can only contains the ingredients listed on the label. Nothing more, nothing less. And although confidence is known to be good, inspections are better, so Terra Canis and Terra Faelis are regularly examined by Dr. Kneissler's food laboratory.

Birgitta Ornau now lives and works with her dog Minou in Munich. And she pursues her aim of providing as many dogs and cats as possible with food-grade, species-appropriate nutrition just as eagerly as she did in the early days...

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