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Canireo: dry food – game / 1kg

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: €16.58
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  • Description

    CANIREO - The dry food innovation 

    Canireo is the first dry food in the specialist retail trade made from 100% certified human-grade ingredients, based on pure fresh meat, with 64% muscle meat and grain-free. This unique quality distinguishes it from all other dry pet foods. 

    We absolutely do not use meat-, bone-, fish- or feather flour. The flours typically used for dry food are usually made of "category 3 material" (waste material that is not approved for human consumption) and are in no way comparable with human-grade ingredients in terms of quality.

    Another aspect that makes Canireo stand out is that it is made exclusively with fresh meat – 64% fresh muscle meat and 1% fresh liver. Furthermore, it is not cold pressed or extruded, but naturally baked until crisp. All the aspects that we have this far considered critical for dry food are thus optimised.  

    he result is a natural, crispy baked dry food of uncompromising quality. The 100% human-grade ingredients, the exclusive use of fresh meat, the high muscle meat content of 64%, and the valuable coconut flour make Canireo unique. Not using grains, and instead using plenty of healthy vegetables, fruit, and herbs, as well as all-natural nutritional supplements, make Canireo a natural dry food that is truly appropriate for the species. 

    See for yourself. The very pleasant and delicious smell of Canireo alone shows the huge difference in the quality of the ingredients. 

    For full details on Canireo, visit our detailed page www.canireo.de 

    CANIREO - Summary 
    - Complete dry food for dogs 
    - Exclusive use of fresh meat 
    - With lots of healthy vegetables, fruit, and herbs 
    - 100% grain-free, low in starch 
    - With all-natural nutritional supplements 
    - Goes a very long way thanks to high-quality, easily digestible ingredients 
    - No category 3 material (e.g. slaughterhouse waste, meat flours, etc.)  

    With Canireo, all the aspects we consider critical for dry food are optimised: 
    - 100% human-grade ingredients 
    - Only fresh meat (single protein source) 
    - 64% muscle meat, 1% liver 
    - Grain-free, low in starch 
    - All-natural nutritional supplements 
    - Very tasty, appetising smell 
    - Hardly swells in the dog's stomach 

    The reason why Canireo is more expensive: 
    Canireo is the first dry food in the German specialist retail trade made with 100% certified human-grade ingredients. This means that each ingredient can officially be used to make food for human consumption. In general, real human-grade ingredients are significantly costlier (up to 6 times more expensive) than ingredients that are not human-grade. Canireo is made from 64% fresh muscle meat (single protein source) and this human-grade fresh meat is by far more expensive than the animal by-products, meat-, bone-, animal-, and fish flours, protein hydrolates, and non-human-grade meat usually used. All the vegetable, fruit, and herb varieties in Canireo are also certified human-grade and therefore cost more than other non-human-grade ingredients that are used as dietary fibre, such as beet pulp. In addition, we do not use any grains or starches in the form of wheat, corn, corn flour, soy flour, barley, rice, or rice flour. These relatively cheap ingredients often make up a relatively large part of the composition of other dry food products. If you add all these points together, this explains the higher price of Canireo. For this price, you get a product of uncompromising human-grade quality that's unique in the dry food segment, only contains fresh meat, is grain-free, and has high biological usability.


    Fresh venison muscle meat (64%), potato flake* (15%), coconut flour (5%), lupine flour, apple* (2%), brewer’s yeast*, parsnip* (1.67%), carrot* (1.52%), courgette* (1.44%), celery* (1.2%), fresh venison liver (1%), powdered eggshell (1%), pumpkin* (0.8%), linseed, apricot* (0.5%), fenugreek (0.4%), parsley root* (0.4%), rapeseed flour, mineral clay, spinach (0.16%), seaweed*, dandelion* (0.1%), rose hip* (0.1%), camomile* (0.1%), rosemary*, thyme*

    Analytic Constituents

    Protein: 29.4%, fat content: 12.5%, crude fibre: 2.8%, crude ash: 5.1%, moisture: 3.7%
    MJ/kg: 15.5

    Feeding Recommendation

    Canireo/24 h

     5kg          90 - 120g
    10kg       150 - 190g
    15kg       200 - 270g
    20kg       250 - 340g
    25kg       300 - 380g
    30kg       350 - 460g
    40kg       430 - 570g
    50kg       510 - 670g

    These values are intended as a guideline only.
    If required, Canireo can be soaked in water before being fed to your dog. This is recommended when your dog does not drink enough or has problems chewing. Please also always provide a bowl with water to your dog.

    Canireo is not suitable for puppies since, as an adult dog food, it doesn't take into account the puppies' needs of energy, calcium, and protein.
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