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Human grade quality

The first pet food in verifiable 100% human grade quality

Terra Canis is the first pet food in pet shops which is 100% produced using ingredients in genuine human grade quality (HGQ) which means Terra Canis has set completely new quality standards in the animal food industry.

Terra Canis is also a pioneer in the field of grain-free or grain-reduced nutrition, as nature intended.

What does human grade quality (HGQ) mean? All the raw materials used by Terra Canis are of human grade quality at the time of processing. That means that the raw materials are approved for the food industry and are just as suitable for producing food products for human consumption. Terra Canis moved in 2019 into its new production factory in rural Petershausen just outside Munich.

This is to be distinguished from so-called category 3 material. This material (offal, slaughter by-products, old meat etc.) is processed into pet food by the animal food industry at animal food plants and is classified as waste material, for example because it lacks freshness, hygiene or its bacterial count is too high and is no longer approved for human consumption.

However this quality has nothing to do with the quality of food which nature provides for wolves in the wild through their natural prey. This is why we have opted for a different path to that in the industry and produce on the basis of real food to 100% in a pure food processing company.

Quality has its price: raw materials in genuine human grade quality cost much more than category 3 material. Most manufactures produce on a category 3 basis, so they can work with much cheaper raw materials than Terra Canis.

But in return, Terra Canis provides you with no-compromise quality in 100% human-grade quality, with a composition as intended by nature and which has nothing to do with category 3 material, substandard by-products, lots of grain, chemicals and artificial materials.

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