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08.03.19 Bärbel & Smokey
Terra Canis experience 752

Bärbel & Smokey

Dear Terra Canis Team,

After a two-week trial period, it’s feedback time!

In Chicken Grain-Free with parsnip, blackberry and dandelion, I have finally found just the right wet food for Smokey. He’d do almost anything for the chicken Strolchis with apple and yoghurt ;) Read more

06.12.18 Petra D.
Terra Canis experience 674

Petra D.

If Lilly (about 11 years old) could, she would order your food herself with her iPad mini won with you. She likes eating it and tolerates it very well. As she would love to chase, I feed her rabbit, lamb and venison from the can ;). Meanwhile, I also feed her your senior line every now and then, as I have the impression that she has problems with her digestion. The same applies to the chewing articles, she vomits hard chunks (beef scalp)/bones (duck throat). Read more

06.12.18 Lizzy & Family
Terra Canis experience 668

Lizzy & Family

A TV report drew our attention to Terra Canis. One year ago, we ordered a wet food trial pack (Classic line). Since then, we’ve been ordering wet food (grain-free + senior + pure meat), dry food, Herbal Heroes and others snacks on a regular basis, as our Lizzy loves it and it does her good. Read more

05.10.18 Jenny & Fiete
Terra Canis experience 654

Jenny & Fiete

Dear Terra Canis team,

Fiete is a 13-month-old terrier mix and did not really like to eat. The first months together were horrible: his coat was greasy, bristly and it stank. He had bad breath and defecated too much. At the same time, he only had little appetite. Read more

05.10.18 Jeanett & Max
Terra Canis experience 652

Jeanett & Max

Dear Terra Canis team,

Well, Max loves all your products. However, he likes the Lieblingswurst the most. Unfortunately, it is not available at the moment :(. We thus had to find an alternative. But perhaps it will again be available soon.

Keep up the good work. Read more

05.10.18 Josephine & Petra
Terra Canis experience 658

Josephine & Petra

Dear Terra Canis team,

Our wire-haired dachshund Joephine and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent food. Josephine is 7.5 years now and has been fed Terra Canis wet food for about 7 years now. She’s healthy, loves your food, your delicious oils, your Golden Paste, your herbs, the Lieblingswurst and the treats. Read more

19.09.18 Ella & Martina
Terra Canis experience 646

Ella & Martina

Dear Terra Canis team,

I’m Ella from Croatia and I am quite lively. Read more

10.04.18 Cornelia A.
Terra Canis experience 644

Cornelia A.

Dear Terra Canis team,

Ferdinand, a 6-year-old French bulldog, and I want to take this opportunity to give feedback on your products and your service.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your perfect, extremely fast service which is always on time.

My little Ferdinand accompanies me 24 hours a day – also when I’m on a business trip or on holidays. Read more

05.04.18 Sammy
Terra Canis experience 692


Dear Terra Canis team,

Our mini Australian shepherd (9 years old) had a tough year 2017. He had two inflammations of the abdomen. After numerous examinations, medications and different vets, we also received different diagnoses. Read more

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