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21.01.19 Jasmin S.
Terra Canis experience 685

Jasmin S.

Dear Terra Canis team,

Our Momo loves your puppy varieties prepared with love. It is true that he’s no longer a puppy, but he can’t get enough of it. And thanks to the great human-grade quality, his coat has become shinier, his stool is ideal and no longer stinks terribly. Furthermore, he’s always alive and kicking. Read more

21.01.19 Edina
Terra Canis experience 677


Dear Terra Canis team,

I’ve been fed Terra Canis in the evening since I was a puppy, which I love to bits (I prefer wet food to dry food, which I’m fed in the morning ;)). I don’t have a preferred tin, I like everything: beef, salmon, venison, etc.

My owners were recommended your food by the breeder and as I love it that much, they have never bought another brand. Read more

06.12.18 Saskia S.
Terra Canis experience 694

Saskia S.

Nele is 8 months old and she’s been fed the Terra Canis puppy food since she lives with us. Now I’ve started to feed the Classic line to her. This change worked perfectly.

In the morning, she gets one spoon of your Gold Rush oil, at midday, she gets your herbal hero Shining Star and in the evening, she gets Berriefoods in addition to the food. Read more

06.12.18 Tanja S.
Terra Canis experience 698

Tanja S.

Our Toni has been fed your food right from the beginning. During his first year, he was fed the wet food for puppies (all varieties). Since he’s one year old, he’s been fed your dry food and your wet food. He likes all varieties.

He had a colic once, and I fed him your gastrointestinal meal. I can only recommend your food. Read more

20.02.18 R. Salmen
Terra Canis experience 606

R. Salmen

Dear Terra Canis team,

I’m a breeder of Golden Retrievers and attach much importance to the nutrition and health of my dogs. Some weeks ago, I had eight wonderful babies with me. When they were four weeks old, I started to look for wet food and I quickly found what I was looking for. I read your website from top to bottom, read the reviews and opted for Terra Canis. Read more

09.11.17 Jennifer T.
Terra Canis experience 399

Jennifer T.

Dear Terra Canis team,

It’s high time for a feedback…

I have two female Australian shepherds (11 years and 9 months) which mean the world to me. For years, I’ve been preparing food for my senior dog myself due to her disease. I received the younger dog when she was 8 weeks old. I accustomed her to dry food whose ingredients shocked me. Read more

27.09.17 Nadja Blum
Terra Canis experience 493

Nadja Blum

We tried Real Nature and Rinti before, but Hoshi had flatulence due to it. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t like the consistency and the smell of the food. Then I ordered a tin of beef for puppies from Terra Canis and I was impressed when opening the tin. It smelt like Bolognese and looked like a dish for people. Read more

24.09.17 Terra Canis Fan #125
Terra Canis experience 305

Terra Canis Fan #125


I wanted to pay you a compliment.

I have two Dalmatians (3 years / 5 months) and I’ve tested many products with regard to the elder one. Read more

17.07.17 Ines Schrader
Terra Canis experience 349

Ines Schrader

Dear Terra Canis team,

Our two Dalmatian dogs Charly and Mocha love Terra Canis. After testing so many types of food, we opted for your fantastic products and are absolutely enthusiastic. Shiny coat, very good digestion and our last litter of puppies P was reared with Terra Canis. Read more

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