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20.02.18 R. Salmen
Terra Canis experience 606

R. Salmen

Dear Terra Canis team,

I’m a breeder of Golden Retrievers and attach much importance to the nutrition and health of my dogs. Some weeks ago, I had eight wonderful babies with me. When they were four weeks old, I started to look for wet food and I quickly found what I was looking for. I read your website from top to bottom, read the reviews and opted for Terra Canis.

I ordered 12 tins of 800g puppy food each (lamb and chicken). When the food was delivered, I was positively surprised by its smell. My big dogs rose from their blankets and walked up to me right away. Read more

19.02.18 Jennifer Neubauer
Terra Canis experience 604

Jennifer Neubauer

Hey everyone!

After the castration of my dog, we lost control and she gained a lot of weight.

We consulted two vets and neither diet food nor more physical activity solved this problem.

I engaged myself in dog food then and after a TV report about your food I knew that I would have to test it.

It helped my Shuki so much! Read more

19.02.18 Dora, Corinna & Michael
Terra Canis experience 601

Dora, Corinna & Michael

Dear Ms. Ornau,

dear Terra Canis team,

Your food is marvelous! … You smell that it’s fresh, whether dry food or canned food, which she loves by the way, since our little dog doesn’t chew… Read more

19.02.18 Birgit Willer
Terra Canis experience 595

Birgit Willer

Dear Terra Canis team,

I would like to give you feedback. My female dog has a sensitive stomach and thus, I had to look for grain-free food of top quality for her. I especially attach importance to the meat content. The other ingredients, however, are also important.

Read more

16.02.18 Luis
Terra Canis experience 598


Hello everyone,

Yes, we are totally impressed with your offer. We feed your dry food, wet food as well as the delicious Garden Casserole.

Luis (6 years) was hit hard last year. Polyarthritis, house dust mite allergy and anaplasmosis at that :(, fever attacks, etc. And all that from a tick :(. Read more

14.02.18 Sarah Kochinke
Terra Canis experience 590

Sarah Kochinke

Dear Terra Canis team,

There’s no food that could convince my two four-legged friends and us as owners as much as Terra Canis. My female Jack Russell dog scratched herself until she bled, she was overweight and always tired and worn out. It was horrible :(. Read more

14.02.18 Dina & Simba
Terra Canis experience 587

Dina & Simba

Dear Terra Canis team,

After testing different food for quite a long time, I switched to the old food again…which is Terra Canis. I’m impressed as on the first day. Read more

22.01.18 Yvonne Mucha
Terra Canis experience 576

Yvonne Mucha

Yoo-hoo, I won the Terra Canis joint paste some weeks ago. Now I wanted to give you feedback. Read more

15.01.18 Petra & Stewie
Terra Canis experience 561

Petra & Stewie

Dear Terra Canis team,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your great food. I always tell my Stewie that he gets food “full of vitamins” The Terra Canis wet food smells good when the can is opened. You know that good quality is in there. Read more

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