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Founder, Birgitta Ornau

Even as a little girl, Birgitta Ornau loved dogs, cats and horses. When she got her first dog Sueno (= dream), which she rescued from being put down in Spain, she started to think about how dogs and cats can be fed in a way in which nature intended. Read more

Master butcher, Hermann Schäbitz

For about 15 years, Hermann Schäbitz and his Bavarian family butchers has provided excellent, 100% human-grade quality ingredients for all Terra Canis menus. As the exclusive supplier, partner and friend of Terra Canis, he has been the figurehead of our Terra Canis production right from the very beginning. With the construction of our new factory, he will now enjoy his well-deserved retirement. Read more

Veterinarian, Hanna Katrin Stephan

Veterinarian Hanna Katrin Stephan has been fortunate enough to turn her passion for animals into her profession, and as an expert in canine and feline nutrition is in charge of product development and nutritional advice at Terra Canis. Read more

Veterinarian, Dr. Martin Bucksch

Dr Martin Bucksch is a veterinarian, author and keen dog owner. Since 2011 he has been providing Terra Canis with help and advice as consultant, product developer and medical adviser. Read more

Veterinarian, Dr. Yvonne Kosanke

As part of our team of veterinary nutritional experts at Terra Canis, Dr. Yvonne Kosanke looks forward to assisting you with all questions regarding our products. Raised in beautiful Bavarian alpine upland with a dog and cats, she already decided to become a vet at nursery school and then had the opportunity to study veterinary medicine in Munich. Read more

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