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24.01.19 Eddy & Thesi
Terra Canis experience 700

Eddy & Thesi

Dear Terra Canis team,

My chihuahua Eddy has a sensitive stomach (intolerance) and we had difficulties finding the right food.

As we had to change his food permanently, he started to become fastidious. At some point, I was wondering if there is any food without additives or grains.

Right away I found something on the Internet and I came across your food. I started to feed your wet food. Read more

21.01.19 Jasmin S.
Terra Canis experience 685

Jasmin S.

Dear Terra Canis team,

Our Momo loves your puppy varieties prepared with love. It is true that he’s no longer a puppy, but he can’t get enough of it. And thanks to the great human-grade quality, his coat has become shinier, his stool is ideal and no longer stinks terribly. Furthermore, he’s always alive and kicking. Read more

21.01.19 Edina
Terra Canis experience 677


Dear Terra Canis team,

I’ve been fed Terra Canis in the evening since I was a puppy, which I love to bits (I prefer wet food to dry food, which I’m fed in the morning ;)). I don’t have a preferred tin, I like everything: beef, salmon, venison, etc.

My owners were recommended your food by the breeder and as I love it that much, they have never bought another brand. Read more

06.12.18 Sabrina C. & Yoshi
Terra Canis experience 690

Sabrina C. & Yoshi

We’d like to write about our experience with Terra Canis:

Our male dog, Yoshi, has been living with us for 3 years now. He spent the first year of his life abroad and was in general susceptible to stress. When looking for the right food for a sporty live wire like him, we quickly hit the wall. Read more

06.12.18 Lizzy & Family
Terra Canis experience 668

Lizzy & Family

A TV report drew our attention to Terra Canis. One year ago, we ordered a wet food trial pack (Classic line). Since then, we’ve been ordering wet food (grain-free + senior + pure meat), dry food, Herbal Heroes and others snacks on a regular basis, as our Lizzy loves it and it does her good. Read more

06.12.18 Tanja S.
Terra Canis experience 698

Tanja S.

Our Toni has been fed your food right from the beginning. During his first year, he was fed the wet food for puppies (all varieties). Since he’s one year old, he’s been fed your dry food and your wet food. He likes all varieties.

He had a colic once, and I fed him your gastrointestinal meal. I can only recommend your food. Read more

10.04.18 Cindy & Holly
Terra Canis experience 707

Cindy & Holly

Dear Terra Canis team,

We’d like to thank you!

Holly was separated from her mom way too early and shortly afterwards, she had a severe gastrointestinal virus. Afterwards, we had great difficulty in finding the right food for her, especially because of her allergies.

Either Holly tolerated the food but didn’t like it or she liked the food but didn’t tolerate it.

She vomited quite often and had red eyes. Sometimes, they were even bloody. Read more

19.02.18 Dora, Corinna & Michael
Terra Canis experience 601

Dora, Corinna & Michael

Dear Ms. Ornau,

dear Terra Canis team,

Your food is marvelous! … You smell that it’s fresh, whether dry food or canned food, which she loves by the way, since our little dog doesn’t chew… Read more

16.02.18 Luis
Terra Canis experience 598


Hello everyone,

Yes, we are totally impressed with your offer. We feed your dry food, wet food as well as the delicious Garden Casserole.

Luis (6 years) was hit hard last year. Polyarthritis, house dust mite allergy and anaplasmosis at that :(, fever attacks, etc. And all that from a tick :(. Read more

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