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Dear Terra Canis –Team...! Every day we are happy to receive feedback about our customers’ Terra Canis experience, which many of you share with us. We are also looking forward to receiving your personal Terra Canis experience with your four-legged friend: [email protected]. You will find a small excerpt from our uncensored customer feedback here.

Every day our team works on guaranteeing dogs a genuine species-appropriate diet as close to nature as possible and establishing this level of quality on the market in the long term. To produce excellent-quality animal food and provide our customers with an all-round service, several experts support our team: The founder Birgitta Ornau, our master butchers Jens & Sven, as well as several veterinarians... Read More

Terra Canis is the first pet food in pet shops which is 100% produced using ingredients in genuine human grade quality (HGQ) which means Terra Canis has set completely new quality standards in the animal food industry. Terra Canis is also a pioneer in the field of grain-free or grain-reduced nutrition, as nature intended... Read More

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